Corrupt Prog Schemes Collapsing

Swirling cesspools of union political domination revealed
You’ve been hearing for quite a while now that public-sector unions are a threat to the economic survival of the United States. With an estimated unfunded liability of up to $3 trillion (and perhaps much more), public-sector pensions are a noose around the neck of America’s taxpayers and it is threatening to strangle the nation.

More specifically, you’ve been hearing that the expensive wage and benefits packages that union-bought Democrats have given to their union benefactors could collapse our economy. The question is, can we stop it before it it too late, or at a minimum, contain the damage?

Well, little by little, signs are showing that, in some cases, the public-sector house of cards is already starting to fall.

In Rhode Island, it has just reached critical mass, as public-sector unions bring a city to “financial ruin.”

You may remember Central Falls, Rhode Island. It made news earlier this year, when the school district fired all of the teachers at Central Falls High School for their miserable record teaching the students, then rehired them a little while later. Well, Central Falls is back in the news and the news is not pretty.

The State of Rhode Island has long been a swirling cesspool of union domination. Now, though, the ponzi-scheme of union giveaways is about to swallow one town and the state’s taxpayers may have to eat the costs.

While these are city pensions, states’ liabilities run much higher. Taxpayers in California, whose pension obligations are staggering, are already on the hook for nearly $60,000 per Los Angeles household and more than $76,000 per San Francisco household—money that is needed just to pay pensions of municipal and state workers’ pensions.
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