State, local BigGov unions drag down U.S.

Ruling Class must cut fat-cat parasites hard, now
State and local governments must immediately cut operating expenses 12.3 percent a year now “and each and every year for the next 50 years” to keep from going broke, according the a Government Accountability Office best-case study of their finances.

Citizens, when state and local politicians come crying for tax increases, just say NO!

When they threaten to loosen psychopaths upon us, cut police and firefighters, hurt children, throw poor into the streets, corrupt education even more, let bridges and roads crumble, garbage pile up, and water and sewerage systems fail unless they extort even more money from us because of revenue declines, call them the liars they are.

This recession and revenue declines from historic highs have nothing to do with their cry for tax hikes. State and local governments are taking more from taxpayers now than they were just three years ago, according to U.S. Census Bureau Data.

What this is all about is gross mismanagement and deception.

Anybody who doubts state and local politicians messed up or the magnitude of the fiscal catastrophe the inflicted on America should read GAO-10-899.

If you think it's bad, just remember this study is the good news. Study leader Stanley J. Czerwinskis said Friday, "As bleak as the picture we paint is, it actually is the optimistic picture."
(from franklincenterhq.org)

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