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Panhandlers Teach B-School Classes in Bailout Management
Cambridge, Massachusetts--As the U.S. has shifted to a bailout-based economy, more and more business schools around the country are hiring the nation's top panhandlers to teach M.B.A. candidates the ins and outs of bailout management.

"Most students are still coming into grad school with a responsibility-oriented attitude to business planning," said Professor "Beard Man" Hanks, the Stimulus-Funded Chair of Mooch Management at Harvard Business School, and until recently a panhandler on Manhattan's Upper East Side. "I need to disabuse them of their frugal habits."

Students say the courses take "a little getting used to," but most already have a basic understanding of bailout principles now that the federal government runs student loan programs and people can stay on their parents' health insurance until they're 26 years old.

"I tell my students the very first day of class that they should sit back and relax," said Prof. Beard Man. "And that's the end of lesson one."
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