Union thugs attack O'Care holdouts

Simple: You betray you pay

Labor unions are applying every ounce of pressure they have to get the final votes on the health care bill, focusing particularly on members who have said they would oppose the measure.

Yesterday, the AFL-CIO sent a letter to Mike Arcuri (D-NY) telling him they would not be able to support him if he voted against the bill. And Dr. Les Roberts, who ran against Arcuri in the primary in 2006, has already been approached as a primary challenger by leaders of the Working Families Party.

Today, the AFL-CIO sent a similiar letter to Stephen Lynch (D-MA), who emerged as a prominent No vote earlier this week.

The AFL-CIO and other labor unions are not the only ones talking about betrayal and primaries – Michael Moore has an open letter excoriating Bart Stupak for his hijacking of the health care debate, and endorses his primary challenger, Connie Saltonstall.

(from news.firedoglake.com)

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