SEIU-ACORN unit truly 'Progressive'

Parasites demand sick pay for all -- sick or not

In New York State, along with several other states, multiple parties can endorse a single candidate in an election. This is called fusion, and it is frequently used by the Working Families Party, although they do occasionally run candidates of their own. The party mostly endorses Democrats, and has become a somewhat large and powerful organizational structure in New York politics. The party’s executive director, Dan Cantor, writes in the New York Daily News:

We hope to use our political capital wisely. At a time when city and state budgets are threatened by steep budget cuts, we will use the leverage we have to champion the priorities we think matter most to middle- and working-class New Yorkers. It’s an agenda that some consider controversial, but to us it’s common sense. Specifically, we’ll fight for:

Paid sick days. Right now, as many as 2 million workers in New York City aren’t allowed to take even a single day off from work when they’re sick without losing their pay and sometimes their jobs. Coming to work sick not only harms those workers but their co-workers and customers. It’s past time we made paid sick time a universal workplace right.

Take back bonuses. We hear it practically every week: The people who wrecked the economy are rewarding themselves with taxpayer dollars. The WFP supports President Obama’s new proposal to take back that bonus money – and we’ll look at similar plans here in New York State. Maybe it’s time for a “bonus recapture tax” that can be used to provide property tax relief for the nonwealthy.

(from independentpoliticalreport.com)

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