Abuse from lofty Rahmbo scored

President judged by the Chicago company he keeps
Rahm Emanuel. (I’m shaking my head slowly). It’s not his real name you know. “Emmanuel” means “God with us” and that is not his real name. It’s Auerbach. Look it up. And … Rahm means “high” or “lofty.”

Mark Levin calls him “the creepy ballerina.” I think he looks like the devil. I’m just saying. He talks like the devil. I’m sure you heard that he called the Democrats “F—ing retards.”

Everyone got mad at the Retard word and no one got mad at the “F” word. My dad said that people only make fun of the reproductive and excretory systems of the human body and no one should because God made the human body and it is a masterpiece.

What is it with all these people throwing the “F” word around like a basketball?
(from bighollywood.breitbart.com)

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