Greedy AFL-CIO thug threatens Dems

New Prog Era: Big Labor fat-cats call the shots

Don’t mess with Richard Trumka.

The new AFL-CIO president delivered that message to the head of the National Press Club at lunch today before traveling over to the White House to tell President Obama where he could stick a proposal to tax high-cost health insurance plans.

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Trumka, who started his union career organizing coal miners, gave a fiery address at the press club, railing against “a generation of destructive, greed-driven economic policies” and bemoaning “weak and recalcitrant politicians.”

But just as he started to reach a crescendo, the press club’s president, USA Today reporter Donna Leinwand, interrupted him and announced it was time for the Q&A part of the program.

“I’m not done yet,” Trumka said, and went on to finish his speech, forcing Leinwand to back off.

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