Obama goes off-script for Iran

He'd be better off dancing with the girl he brung

In response to multilateral condemnation of its nuclear program, Iran has announced its intent to expand massively its uranium enrichment facilities. Once again, the White House press spokesman has announced gravely that Iran has chosen to "isolate itself." Once again, the UN Security Council will consider a menu of ineffective economic sanctions.

Far better for the president and the Secretary of State to consider the counsel of their erstwhile mentor, Saul Alinsky. In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky observes, "No one can negotiate without the power to compel negotiation."

This is the nub of the Obama administration's problem with Iran. In fact, it was the nub of the Bush administration's problem with Iran, and of the Clinton administration's before that. How are we to compel Iran to negotiate seriously over its nuclear program?

(from weeklystandard.com)

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