Investigators probe union-backed political fraud

A powerful group calling itself the 'Working Families Party' has troubling connections to ACORN
The Working Families Party has irregularly reported rent payments over the years on its state campaign finance disclosures, leading some to question whether the Party has been getting what could be considered large in-kind contributions in the form of office space.

Also among the recipients of rent payments was an entity called NYOSCI, listed on multiple documents as having an address in New Orleans identical to one used by many ACORN entities on incorporation documents.

NYOSCI has been the recipient of most of the Party’s recent rent payments, though some have also been made to Community Labor Administrative Services, a group also reporting the 2-4 Nevins Street address on records with the State Board of Elections. Rent does not seem to be Community Labor Administrative’s main purpose: not only has the entity received funding from SEIU and the Amalgamated Transit Union Fund for New York, but the company consulted for the 2005 Council campaigns of Jessica Lappin and Dan Garodnick, the 2003 Council campaign of Robert Jackson, the 2001 Council campaigns of Hiram Monserrate and James Sanders, the 2001 comptroller campaign of Bill Thompson and the 2001 mayoral campaign of Mark Green.
(from cityhallnews.com)

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