A Time for Choosing

President Barack H. Obama held out hope and change for an America tired of Big Government Republican leadership. He gave plenty of really good speeches to win over the electorate.

But non-affiliated voters finally caught on to his act this summer and turned strongly against President Obama in opinion surveys. The President hasn't yet hurt the Dems who voted for him in a way they can feel it ... but once he does, many of them will catch on, too.

Voters are already tired of an overexposed TOTUS continually spewing not-believable, canned Jon Favreau blather. And that 'folksy' twang or drawl he puts on for certain audiences? Puh-leeze.

Ultimately, how many really good speeches measure up against seasoning, wisdom, executive experience, and good judgment? Yes, this was asked during the campaign by some forgettable extremists but it didn't seem to matter then in a campaign against a luke-warm Republican with poor judgment. Huh.

Can you imagine Obama ever making a speech like this one, delivered on this day 45 years ago?

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