Kimberly-Clark workers out on strike

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Militant workers demand higher pay

The Kimberly-Clark tissue mill in Barrow today was hit by its first strike for two decades A stream of passing lorries on Park Road blared their horns and their drivers waved in support as eight Unite trades union pickets with placards manned the wagon gate at the Park Road site.

The 40 warehouse workers employed by national contract firm TDG are staging twice-weekly, eight-hour strikes in a bid to win the same 4.7 per cent pay rise they say was given to Kimberly-Clark workers and to other contractors on site.

TDG has instead offered the fork lift truck drivers 4.2 per cent and urged them to accept the offer which it says is generous.

The night shift went on strike at 2am, walking out of the warehouse where products like Andrex and Kleenex are stored before being delivered around the country, four hours before their normal finishing time of 6am.

Day shift workers also struck for four hours signing on at 10am instead of 6am.
TDG brought eight staff from other sites including Carnforth to keep some work moving, but TDG lorry drivers who are not involved in the dispute refused to drive lorries across picket lines.

One of the striking pickets, who did not want to be named said: “Kimberly-Clark workers and other contractors on the site have been offered 4.7 per cent but we have been offered 4.2 per cent and we don’t think that is fair. It is only a difference of about £1.90p a week for each of us, but we are striking for the principle because we have always had parity in the past.

“We believe that Kimberly-Clark is willing to pay the money but that TDG is holding back from us.

“They would rather bring labour in from other sites to do our work than give us the 4.7 per cent.”

There will be another strike on Friday and two strikes a week for the rest of November, and an overtime ban, unless the row is settled.

As another passing truck beeped support one picket said: “We are getting marvellous support from the public.

“They are beeping their horns and waving to us because we are local guys and people know us. At the end of the day we are a good bunch of lads.”

A TDG spokeswoman said: “For the record, TDG would like to make it clear that since it took over the contract in 2002, there has never been any agreement that warehouse operatives’ pay should be at parity with any other group of workers.”

The company said it has done everything to avoid the dispute.


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