Workers resist Obama's secret ballot ban

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Dems set to trigger massive layoffs in small business sector

For those who claim concerns about EFCA are overblown for reasons such as Canada's policy of card check and pervasive interest arbitration in the public sector, two observations:

Yes, all Canadian provinces had card check — until 1980. Since then, most Canadian provinces have abandoned card check and have moved to secret ballot elections.

Yes, many public sector employers and employees are subject to interest arbitration. But most public sector employers/employees aren't subject to the market forces that affect unregulated private sector employers/employees.

Furthermore, most non safety-related public sector employers/employees have the right to reject the arbitrator's proposed "contract."

Not so under EFCA. A government-appointed arbitrator — with no responsibility for the company's bottom line or ability to compete — will set the wages, hours , terms and conditions of employment for private sector workers in unregulated industries. It will be a brave new world.


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