Unionist: Beware Barack

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It takes one to know one

If this country had an honest observant press, Barack Obama would have been laughed off the stage long ago ("Obama's words & deeds," by Ralph Reiland, Oct. 6 and PghTrib.com).

Not just Obama's association with '60s radical William Ayers should be made known to the voters, but also Obama's entire background and mentors.

This really is a tipping point in American history. Should Obama be elected, we will be heading down a road from which we will not be able to backtrack.

Under the grotesquely misnamed "Fairness Doctrine," talk radio will be effectively silenced, leaving only the left-wing media to brainwash the public in a manner reminiscent of Pravda.

Under the equally misnamed "Employee Free Choice Act," goons will browbeat employees to sign cards that will create unions without secret elections.

I was a member of the ironworkers union for 30 years. I know very well how "organizers" deal with nonunion employees. With millions of new dues payers, the union bosses will never again allow any type of political conservative to win office.

If Obama wins, those two drastic bills will dramatically change the American political landscape to a nonrecoverable state.

Reiland's column was on the money, but I am afraid that it will not reach enough voters to have any effect on the vote of the Obama youth, who in their chant of "Yes, we can" remind me of the Hare Krishna acolytes of the '60s.

Donald Melquist, Green Valley, Ariz.


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