Union bigs' politics rankle dues-payers

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Typical labor-state union thuggery on display

According to OneNewsNow, a lot of teachers in California are outraged that their money paid in union dues to the California Teachers Association is being used to oppose the protection of marriage in California.

The Pacific Justice Institute says CTA has spent $1.2 million opposing California's marriage protection amendment, Proposition 8. Many teachers who understand that marriage can only be between a man and a woman are angry that their union dues are being used to fund things they morally oppose.

They're not sitting still for this, though.

From OneNewsNow:
Dacus also stated CTA's opposition to Prop. 8 has angered many public school teachers whose CTA membership fees have been used to fund the opposition campaign. In response, his group has launched a project called ChooseCharity.org.

"And what we are doing...is educating and defending the rights of teachers to opt completely out of their union and give all of their union dues, every single penny of it, instead...to a charity that's in agreement with their faith -- and our phone is ringing off the hook," he adds.
The Yes on 8 campaign is running a series of ads which shows in startling clarity how far this radical pro-homosexual agenda runs.

It runs not only to the freedom of homosexuals to destroy their own bodies and souls, but seeks to hijack marriage itself in their quest for legitimacy of their sexual practices. It also paints a bulls eye on the children, because activists understand that if they can indoctrinate children at a young and impressionable age to accept this immoral, unnatural and unhealthy sexual practice, they have gained a lot of mileage in avoiding societal disapproval of their behavior.

Despite the prejudicial language California Attorney General Jerry Brown used to rewrite the measure, Yes on 8's ads are cutting through the pro-homosexual propaganda and allowing average Californians what's really at stake.

Darkness is dispelled by light, and the light of truth is finally starting to shine a little in California--and the cockroaches are scrambling for cover.


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