Unchecked power flows to ACORN socialists

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The real Barack Obama will step forward only after he is President

There is Obama of flowery phrases and rhetoric. He says exactly what regular folks want to hear. Then there is Obama of record and the record of his political allies. He is a brilliant speaker, and since he was brought on the national stage that’s what the media has focused on. They repeat what he says, leaving what he’s done in the shadows. Please, I implore you voters living busy lives, please read his record, get past the rhetoric his boosters shine the light on.

There is so much to look into. Way too much to explain in this limited space. Start by going online and search for William Ayers, not just his terrorist past, but what and who he’s been up to lately. Hugo Chávez, for one. Look at ACORN, past their glossy home page to what they have been doing to voter registration all over America, and worse.

Democrats just want total unchecked power back. The media has paved the way. For the past seven years they reported as if the economy was bad, while by most actual factual measures, historically, it was very similar to that of the 1990s. Until now.

- Douglas Hespelt, Flat Rock


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