Organized labor ads deceive workers, voters

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Big Bedfellows go all-out to protect forced-labor unionism

There are deceptive commercials being run on the Denver TV stations. The two most misleading are one with a very somber firefighter talking about how three ballot initiatives (47, 49, and 54) will “silence the voices of firefighters” and “make our jobs more difficult” and another claiming that “loopholes” exempt multi-national corporations from these amendments. These claims are outright false.

Here’s the truth:

Amendment 47 is a right-to-work initiative. It states that no worker in Colorado can be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. It does not prevent workers from joining unions — it merely gives them the choice. This means that unions will have to earn their members by providing value rather than through coercion.

Amendment 49 prohibits our government payroll systems from being used to collect funds for private organizations (including union dues). Accounting for deductions and payments involves staff time and costs money — there is no reason for the taxpayers of Colorado to foot the bill as a collection agency for private entities. If these organizations provide their members with value, they will willingly send in their membership dues.

Amendment 54 prohibits any organization receiving a no-bid contract (think Halliburton-style) of $100,000 or more from a government agency from turning around and making political contributions to an official or a campaign that directly affects this contract. It also prohibits any organization that has made such a contribution within the last two years from receiving a no-bid contract. This is an attempt to prohibit organizations from buying these contracts. Unions don’t like this because a union contract is considered a no-bid contract, so it will prohibit them from paying off politicians to support their causes.

Please read through your “blue book” and decide for yourselves.

Vote YES on 47, 49, and 54.


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