Claim: Ayers ghost-wrote Obama's book

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ACORN's lawyer set to organize The White House

In an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, columnist Jake Kelly listed some of Barack Obama’s “fishy” associations.

1. Obama’s first campaign for the Illinois Senate began in William Ayers’ living room. Ayers was a leader of the terrorist Weatherman group that bombed the U.S. Capitol and other sites around the country.

2. In the 1980s, Michelle Obama and Ayers’ wife, Bernadine Dohrn, whose terrorist activities landed her on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted, worked at the same time for the Chicago law firm, Sidney Austin.

3. Investigative reporter Jack Cashill noted coincidences between Obama’s book, “Dreams from My Father” and Ayers’ 2001 book, “Fugitive Days,” for which Obama wrote a dust cover blurb. Both books appear to have been written by Ayers since they are written in the same lyrical style, using nautical terms that were in Ayers’ merchant seaman background. This style does not appear in any other Obama writing.

4. In Obama’s “Dreams” book, he writes fondly of “Frank,” a mentor while he was growing up in Hawaii. “Frank” was Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA, and who was on the FBI’s list of subversives.

5. Both Obama and Ayers spoke at a testimonial dinner for Rashid Khalidi, a former member of the Palestine Liberation Organization and a founder of the rabidly anti-Israel Arab American Action Network. Worldnet Daily quoted a University of Chicago source as saying, “Khalidi and Obama lived near each other and the two families dined together a number of times. The Obamas even babysat the Khalidi children.”

6. ACORN needs no other explanation. Obama was their attorney.

Do you want someone like this in the White House? I don’t.

- John Cook, Port St. Lucie


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