Ashley Todd: Covert ACORN Operative?

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Alinskyite tactic on display: Ridicule your opposition, accuse them of doing what you do

[N.B. The author terms this piece 'satire'.] As Americans strive to recover from the devastating fraud perpetrated by Ashley Todd, a new unconfirmed report is about to explode. It is being whispered about that Ashley Todd is, in fact, an Obama operative and ACORN director whose job it was to create a major distraction for a few days to cover up important news concerning Obama's fraudulent birth certificate.

Todd was also charged with diverting media coverage away from Joe the Plumber and his pesky bitching about Obama's communist plans for America. The distraction worked beautifully, as mainstream media have been obsessed with the Ashley Todd hoax.

Media have even spinned the hoax as an ineloquent attempt by a psychotic racist to humiliate black men, that being Obama and Todd's alleged assailant who writes upside down and backwards when carving the letter "B" into an already repulsive face.

As of now, no mainstream media have had the guts to report that Todd's scheme was pre-planned to make it appear as though she were a demented surrogate for the McCain campaign.

Meanwhile, Obama is struggling silently to cover up legal appearances and Motions to Dismiss filed on his behalf. With the aid and comfort of the liberal media, Obama is finding that no lie is too huge or insidious to hide.

In another vile twist to this vile story, seasoned journalists are claiming that the Todd fraud should have been immediately recognized as such based on one outstanding fact:

Obama anarchists have been instructed to use guns, not knives.

Good point!

Consider, please: In order to counter his public image as a wuss, a bloke without the cojones that any American president must have to gain and maintain the upper hand against blood thirsty terrorists and brutal dictators, Barack Obama issued the following call to arms last June:

"If they (Republicans) bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," Obama said, according to pool reports."


Clearly, the Messiah wants guns, not knives, to be used against Republicans!

Sorry, Ashley, but it appears as though you are just not devious enough to lie for Obama and ACORN!


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