ACORN: Obama's Slim Shady

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Barack Obama plays 'good cop' to ACORN 'bad cop'

Elections in America have never been pure, clean affairs. Middle school civics textbooks aside, there has always been an element of deception and fraud.

From the very first days of the Republic where election days were rowdy drinking parties, to the vices of Tammany Hall, and the outright corruption of big city machine politics, the ideal of a free and clean election has been the goal, not the reality.

It is important to acknowledge this fact of life in order to put into perspective the sheer magnitude of the audacious grab for power taking place this year. The players are all too familiar. We all know that Sen. Barack Obama was a “community organizer.” But what is less widely known is for whom he “organized.”

It was for an affiliate of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Established in 1970 by a member of the radical Students for Democratic Action organization, ACORN has mushroomed into a nationwide organization funded with tens of millions of dollars from the most extreme elements of the radical Left. And, I might add, it is also funded by U.S. taxpayers.

In fact, had Sen. Chris Dodd, D-CN, Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, and Obama had their way, the recent bailout of financial firms would have contained a provision that would have directed not just millions, but billions of dollars to ACORN and other allied leftist groups. Luckily this immoral use of tax money for political advocacy was blocked, but it was close.

Already in 2008, ACORN has been cited in more than a dozen states for engaging in voter registration fraud. This, unfortunately, is a pattern.

Over the past three election cycles, reports of fraudulent voter registrations have grown each year. Repeatedly, members of the ACORN staff have been found guilty and jailed.

The organization even had to enter into a Consent Decree in Washington state pledging not to break the law. Still, their efforts have expanded with the help of those in positions of power (yes, like Dodd, Frank, and Obama, who wanted to reward these miscreants with billions of tax dollars).

The tactics employed have been as varied and imaginative as they have been perverse and sinister. Stolen Social Security numbers have been found on voter registration forms.

Duplicate registrations at the same address are common. Duplicate registrations of the same name but at different addresses is another ploy.

Using the 1993 Fraudulent Voter Act, a.k.a. the “Motor Voter Act,” ACORN has relentlessly built a network of offices and staff that reach into virtually every corner of America.

When called to task or exposed, ACORN and their apologists always have the same retort, “Make every vote count.” And each and every vote should count.

But by diluting the voting pool with fraudulent voters, allowing some to vote multiple times, or enabling non-citizens to vote, ACORN and those who support it are facilitating the theft of the vote of every honest citizen.

Elections and democracy only work if there is agreement on all sides that the outcome was fair. Without acceptance of this basic rule, no election will ever be seen as legitimate.

So when ACORN is allowed to undercut the electoral system through fraud, abuse and intimidation, it is attacking the very foundations of our government.

It would be one thing if ACORN was operating on its own, advancing its ideology and views. But the facts reveal that ACORN is not just another group advocating its views, but rather a mere cog in the Obama machine.

FEC reports show that the Obama campaign has paid a subsidiary of ACORN nearly $1 million so far for “outreach services.” Obama has represented ACORN in litigation in Michigan to break down protections against voter fraud.

With tens of millions of tax dollars and the very legitimacy of our government at stake, an intense federal investigation of ACORN and its affiliates would seem like the obvious step. But whether an Obama administration would act to uphold the integrity of the electoral system given its close ties to the alleged perpetrator is in serious question.

Unfortunately, it is a question to which we may soon have a chilling answer.

- Bill Wilson is chairman of Americans for Limited Government.


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