ACORN break-in: Inside job suspected

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Union-backed voter fraud group in cover-up?

The Boston offices of the controversial group ACORN were burgled yesterday and several computers stolen, the same day it was learned that the FBI is investigating whether the activist group helped foster voter registration fraud around the nation before the presidential election.

Chris Leonard, one of the men who runs the Boston branch, said he left their Fields Corner office about 9 p.m. Wednesday with the group’s director.

When staff returned yesterday at about 10 a.m. he said the office was a shambles, five of their desktop computers were stolen, their Internet lines and phone wires were ripped from the wall, and the alarm system appeared to be functioning, but for some reason had not alerted police.

Leonard said it was too early to say if the break was politically motivated.

“I think it could be. We don’t know enough to say for sure,” Leonard said. “Certainly the timeing is very suspicious . . . It’s been building up around ACORN, there’s been all these false accusations.”

The FBI is looking at results of inquiries in several states, including a raid on the left-leaning group’s office in Las Vegas, for any evidence of a coordinated national voter fraud effort.

Two spokesmen for ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, yesterday said the FBI has not contacted the group.

“ACORN has not been notified that we are the target of an investigation by any authorities - nor should we be,” spokesman Kevin Whelan said in a statement.

Republican accusations about the group were raised during Wednesday’s presidential debate between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain.

ACORN says it has registered 1.3 million voters, but some employees have been accused of submitting false registration forms - including some signed ‘Mickey Mouse.’ On the campaign trail, presidential candidate John McCain said the group could be on the verge of “destroying the fabric of democracy.” Obama, who has represented ACORN as a lawyer, downplayed his ties to the group and mocked McCain for bringing it up.


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