ILWU members accept dues refund

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ILWU in $1.7 Million payout to worker-objectors

The Seattle office of the National Labor Relations Board has released final figures on the payout by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union to its nonmember "B" workers as part of a 2007 settlement of allegations that the union had overcharged the "B" workers for dues. Although the union informed workers that they could choose to reject their payback as a show of support for the union, most of them went for the money.

Final figures show that $1,672,642.28 was received by 3,644 individuals - 84.9 percent of the $1.97 million the union agreed to set aside for the refund. There were 4,910 longshore "B" workers eligible for the refund. The average payback for those who took it was $459. The average for those who turned it down was $235.


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