Unions smack California GOP

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Hyper-partisan union militants send workers dues in one direction only

Outside groups spent nearly $700,000 in independent expenditures on the 80th Assembly Democrat primary. That's why we weren't surprised to see the 23,000-member-strong California Faculty Association is jumping into the general election race early.

The union last week launched a $435,000 “Flunk the Assembly Republicans” multi-platform advertising campaign geared at four open swing seat districts, including Gary Jeandron, in the 80th.

In November, Jeandron faces Democrat Manuel Perez, who attracted the bulk of the independent expenditures spent during the primary season.

Campaign officials for former Palm Springs police chief and current Palm Springs Unified school board member Jeandron said his two key issues include public safety and education.

“There is no truth at all to the ad,” Jeandron said in a statement Friday. “This is an outside special interest group playing politics with our kids. If I had the $435,000 this group is spending on these ads, I'd be funding scholarships for those same children they accuse me of preventing from attending college.”


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