Anti-trade Missouri Dems flirt with RICO

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UFCW organizers damn the torpedoes

Union operatives and some political officials have planned an anti-Wal-Mart rally for 6 p.m. this evening at the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 655 in Ballwin, MO. The union workers are attacking Wal-Mart for selling Chinese goods as opposed to American. Though the stores also stock American products, the union says that buying American-only would help producers here.

The rally is also backed by WakeUpWalMart.com, a campaign affiliated with the national UFCW.

The list of planned speakers:

* Clint Zweifel, (D-78th Dist.), candidate for State Treasurer
* Jake Zimmerman, State Representative (D-83rd Dist.)
* Tony George, State Representative (D- 74th Dist.)
* Tod DeVedt, candidate for State Representative (D-111th Dist.)
* Neal St Onge, (R-88th Dist.), candidate for State Senator (R -7th
* Margo McNeil, candidate for State Representative (D-78th Dist.)
* Sue Schoemehl, State Representative (D-100th Dist.)
* James Morris, candidate for State Representative (D-58th Dist)
* Jeff Roorda State Representative (D-102nd Dist.)
* Tom George, Retired State Representative (D-74th Dist.)

The Union Hall is at 300 Weidman Road.


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