ACORN draws complaint from New Orleans

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The failure of the left intelligentsia in the United States to seriously address the glaring and longstanding contradictions that pit the so-called guiding principles of ACORN against the actually existing internal regime of the organization is, at least to me, very troubling. Having been active in New Orleans in the struggle for justice over the last twenty-five years I’ve reached the conclusion the good arising from ACORN’s best interventions is far outweighed by the bad arising from the organization’s Michael Milliken approach to community organizing.

As far as the treatment of its “organizers” go ACORN has a long history in this city of exploiting them ruthlessly. ACORN New Orleans has subjected its workers to union busting, poverty wages and witch hunts. ACORN New Orleans almost certainly used its connection with former Mayor Marc Morial to sidetrack attempts by workers at City Hall to win union recognition in the late 1990s. And ACORN avoided the struggle to reopen public housing in post-Katrina New Orleans like the plague. The list goes on and on and on.

How can the left in America expect to build a mass movement powerful enough to turn the tide against neoliberalism while turning a blind eye to even the grossest abuses of power by what is arguably the most powerful “progressive” non-profit/grass roots organization in the United States? I direct this question specifically to Noam Chomsky, Frances Fox Piven and Mike Davis since these individuals occupy both a prominent position in America’s left intelligentsia and maintain a more than cordial relationship with ACORN’s longstanding leadership.

Mike Howells
C3/Hands Off Iberville
New Orleans, Louisiana

P.S. Isn’t it sad that activists affiliated with a supposedly progressive organization feel compelled to hide their identity when they criticize it.


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