Rep. Jim Marshall, Georgia DINO

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Democrat wants to end secret-ballot union elections

Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA-03) voted in favor of passage of the “Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)” (H.R. 800). The legislation changes the standards for establishing or joining a labor union. Historically, a union is authorized to serve as the collective bargaining unit for a group of employees only after a majority of employees affirms their desire to organize through a secret ballot election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board.

If this legislative effort is successful, the secret ballot standard could be replaced with one where only a majority of employees signing authorization cards would be required to establish a union. This change in protocol has potential impact on the mining industry. Vote Results: Agreed to 241 Yes, 185 No, 8 Not Voting. March 1, 2007, House Roll Call Vote 118.


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