Vallejo, CA municipal bankruptcy explained

Blame public employee unions

Those of us who live here in Northern California know that the plight of the city of Vallejo is only the beginning of the financial problems that face our state and country unless we stand up to the employee unions that are driving our communities into bankruptcy.

These unions have a choke hold on our state and are bleeding our city, county and state coffers with no regard for our future well-being. Police, firefighters, prison correctional officers and teachers unions have become so powerful that they command the allegiance of our elected officials at all levels of government.

When the governor tried to reign them in, he was crushed by a million-dollar commercial campaign that made him out to be a cruel and uncaring man who had no feelings for our brave firefighters or as someone trying to take programs away from our schoolchildren. In fact, he was trying to give the school boards power to ensure that qualified teachers were promoted and that police and firefighters had an option to determine if their union dues should be used to attack particular politicians.

Californians employee union members are highly paid, have retirement packages that are the envy of most in the private sector. Most earn this money, yet many abuse the system by not performing their jobs, calling in sick weekly and becoming a liability to others. Most union members earn the money they get, but they also look the other way when some abuse the system. After all, it's tax money being stolen, and taxpayers never question where their money is spent.

Rod Ferroggiaro, Fairfield


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