SEIU used dues-threat against nurses

Feds to consider case against SEIU

The National Labor Relations Board office of appeals in Washington, D.C., has granted an appeal involving an unfair labor practices case filed by a nurse at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center against the union representing registered nurses, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation announced Tuesday.

Officials with the NLRB's office of appeals reversed the decision of its Region 21 director and determined the case should go before an administrative judge, said NLRB attorney William Pate. The board will try to reach a settlement in the case with the parties involved. If that fails, a formal complaint will be issued, Pate said.

Nurse Carole Jeane Baderscher first filed a complaint with the NLRB in October with assistance from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, a Virginia-based anti-union organization.

In the complaint, Baderscher said the Service Employees International Union Local 121RN, which represents about 1,000 registered nurses at the hospital, put out information that threatened nurses who crossed picket lines during a strike planned for the end of the year. The strike was averted after the union and the hospital reached an agreement.

The complaint said the union put out a flier that said the union would seek dues not paid during the strike and threatened them with jail time if they crossed the picket line. Members of the union said at the time the information was meant for hospital administrators and had been posted on the union's Web site.


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