Rep. Nick Lampson, Texas DINO

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Democrat wants to end secret-ballot union elections

Last week Nick Lampson had the chance to vote with the wishes of his conservative constituents in CD 22 and failed! Repaying organized labor for their support in the November election, Democrat Nick Lampson voted with other liberals to deny workers their right to secret ballots during labor organizing elections. HR 800 would strip away workers rights to a federally supervised private ballot election during union organizing drives and make their vote public, thus open to intimidation from union representatives.

The right to a private ballot is a cornerstone of our democracy. If union bosses watch workers while they vote the workers will feel pressured to vote for the union. Personal choice will disappear. Lampson has abandoned workers and business owners in favor of union bosses.

Texas is a right-to-work state. Unions represent only a small portion of employees in Texas and Texans want to keep it that way.

During the House debate on HR 800, Lampson pulled a John Kerry, and flip-flopped on his promise to CD 22 voters. Lampson first voted to deny illegal immigrants union membership but then abandoned this position and voted with Nancy Pelosi and the liberals for passage of the bill.

Nick Lampson and the liberal Democrats have trampled on the rights of American workers and employers, and must be held accountable.


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