Workers blast Andy Stern

DATE: April 10, 2008
TO: Andrew Stern, SEIU International
RE: Stop the slander! Recognize the vital role UHW’s plays in supporting our fight to form a Union of Security Officers at Kaiser Permanente

Mr. Stern,

Your website, seiufactchecker.org, contains a number of malicious claims about UHW regarding our struggle to form a union for Security Officers at Kaiser Permanente. The nature of these claims are so outrageous that we had to respond to set the record straight.

We, the Security Officers at Kaiser San Francisco, started the struggle to form a Union—we were the first shop to organize. In November of 2005, it was UHW who advised us how to organize for power and pushback against the disrespect we were subjected to by Intercon, the subcontractor hired by Kaiser. Our boss, unfairly and without notice changed our schedules. Per UHW’s instruction, we passed a petition immediately signed by almost every officer.

When we marched on our boss to deliver the petition, UHW led the charge. When Intercon suspended indefinitely three of our coworkers in direct retaliation for our actions, it was UHW who went to Kaiser management and demanded justice. It was only because of UHW’s strength and support that all three were immediately brought back to work and made whole.

Read the Full Letter [PDF]

It was UHW who taught us that it is important to organize by industry, and that because we from time to time are assigned to work at places other than Kaiser, that we would be best served by joining UHW’s sister union Local 247, even though we want to be represented by UHW. It was UHW who arranged for us to have space at the hospital to meet with Local 247. It was UHW who demanded a meeting to discuss our issues with management, and showed their overwhelming support for us by filling the room and out numbering us ten fold. It was only because of UHW that management was forced to address our issues and respect us. When our employer finally recognizes our union, it will only happen through UHW’s support.

Your slandering UHW is shamefully shocking. We demand that you immediately correct the record, remove the lies posted on seiufactchecker.org about UHW, and issue an apology.

Most importantly we also demand that you as the International President endorse UHW’s Platform for Change that grants every member a vote, that requires members have a say in their contract, and ensures member democracy.

[see PDF for signatures]


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