Teachers union tantrum rewarded

Little kids throw themselves on the floor in the supermarket. They scream and holler until mom buys them the sugar-doodle cereal. Ah! They get up and smile. They got what they wanted. They won. What a good feeling, knowing a temper tantrum really works. The Nashua (NH) Teachers' Union had a tantrum. Most people aren't sure if they won or not, since the tantrum has gone on for so long that most eyes glaze over when the subject comes up.

It was a good civics lesson for the students. Strikes are illegal but if you threaten to strike, break the law, and hold the whole city hostage, you can win.

The aldermen justify breaking the Right-to-Know Law by calling a meeting a non-meeting as they sat in on union negotiations where they had no legal business.

The mayor who wanted to do the right thing knowingly broke the open meeting law because of the dire consequences of not breaking the law.

The lesson learned?

The end justifies the means.

So, when a student may be late for class, let's not be too hard on him or her for speeding.

- Lucille Lapinskas, Nashua


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