Labor-state lawmaker, AFSCME lobbyist cozy-up

When the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 10 last year, the sweeping ethics bill tightened rules governing lobbyists’ interactions with lawmakers. The measure banned entertainment, reclassified meals as gifts, reduced gift limits and required much more disclosure (see “Ethics Bomb,” WW, Dec. 19, 2007). That’s obviously complicated professional relationships between lawmakers and the lobby, as in the case of newly-divorced Rep. Larry Galizio (D-Tigard). He is dating Janice O’Malley, a lobbyist for AFSCME — one of Oregon’s three most powerful public employee unions.

Galizio confirmed that he’s in a relationship with O’Malley, who runs AFSCME’s endorsement process. But he refused to say how SB 10’s many limits, disclosure requirements or bans affect him and O’Malley. “I’d be glad to discuss the substantive issues that affect my district but otherwise, I’m entitled to a private life,” Galizio says.


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