Kennedy false: No-vote means no-choice

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy writes (Letters, April 10) "It's not that the bill 'would outlaw secret ballots in union organizing elections.'" Instead, "... it gives workers -- not employers -- the choice about how to choose union representation: either by having an election or by using employee-signed cards, known as majority sign-up."

Yet, the AFL-CIO summary of the proposed bill states clearly that it: "Provides for certification of a union as the bargaining representative if the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) finds that a majority of employees in an appropriate unit has signed authorizations designating the union as its bargaining representative. Requires the board to develop model authorization language and procedures for establishing the validity of signed authorizations."

In other words, if only 50% of employees, plus one, sign cards -- not vote -- all employees are bound without a vote, without a campaign and without employer participation.

-Royal S. Dellinger, Rockville, Md.


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