UAW-Volvo strikers quit picketing to vote

The strikers at Volvo voted on a new deal Saturday. Over at the plant, the “Strike” signs were still there, but the picket lines were abandoned. “They suspended pickets for 24 hours until they get an agreement over whether it’s ratified or not ratified,” said Terry Muncy.

With a proposed new deal in their hands, the workers left New River Community College, where bargaining committees reviewed the tentative agreement with all the men and women.

Brandon Fisher said the past 46 days were a roller coaster ride. “Cold, rainy, not good, but we got what we wanted,” said Fisher.

At the union building, hundreds of cars come and go all day, where the workers voted on the contract. Deonna Martin said the overall reaction from everybody is good. She said, “I think it’ll be a go.”

And the ballots were very straight-forward. One worker said they check “yes” if they agree with the new contract, or “no” if they don’t.

For Keith Allen, he’s been ready to go back to work.“Doesn’t seem like a bad contract, seems pretty good,” Allen said.

For the 2,400 workers on strike, they said the biggest issue for them is health and safety on the job.

The voting poll closes Saturday night at 8. If the workers vote in favor of the new deal, one worker said they won’t start work until March 24


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