Publicly-funded labor-activism in Connecticut

The Labor Education Center at the University of Connecticut was established in 1961 to serve the educational needs of Connecticut's workers in accordance with its land-grant philosophy.

The Center has delivered labor education services to the state's unions, employee organizations and their leaders and members since 1946. University of Connecticut students and faculty, federal, state and municipal government officials, and members of the general public have also benefited from its educational programs.

The Center offers programs year-round, at multiple Connecticut locations, including:

* credit courses,
* non-credit courses,
* conferences,
* workshops,
* seminars,
* residential institutes and
* special programs

Credit courses in labor-related subjects are taught by Center faculty in University programs and in cooperation with other educational institutions in the state. The Center also works closely with a Labor Advisory Committee composed of labor and University representatives.

Other services provided by the Labor Education Center include:

* consultation on the development of educational and research programs and
* providing information, data and technical services in response to inquiries and requests.


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