Publicly-funded labor-activism in Illinois

The Labor Education Program (LEP) at the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recognizes the role that education can play in strengthening the labor movement’s ability to renew America’s promise of real economic opportunity for every worker.

For more than half a century LEP has been committed to the cause of unionism and the collective bargaining process. This has been accomplished by designing courses for union leaders, new members, activists, union staff, people who want to meet people from other unions and working people who want to learn about the labor movement.

The Labor Education Program is the only state wide labor education program, serving over 2,000 union members annually. This year’s schedule of programs and special events continues the tradition of high quality education that trade union members and working people from around the state have come to expect from our faculty. Working within the Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois, LEP is celebrating its 61st year of service to the state’s labor movement; with offices, faculty, clerical and technical staff, and teaching facilities in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign. We have made a strategic move to upgrade our capacity to conduct labor education programming outside of the Chicago-Metro area. The expansion of our program is undertaken out of the strong belief that a one million member strong state labor movement requires a state wide program capable of meeting diverse needs in diverse ways. Along with continuing programs such as the women leadership conferences, union summer schools, certificate programs, Hazardous Materials health, and safety training and our partnership with the National Labor College, we are enthusiastic about the new programs we are developing. Please think of a way that LEP can be used as a resource to your union/organization/personal needs.


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