Out-of-state union interferes with Ohio SEIU

A California-based union is urging Mercy Health Partners hospital employees to vote against unionizing, calling the upcoming election a "sham." The National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association on Monday, March 10, blasted the upcoming election. The vote would compromise "the democratic rights of the nurses and other employees and even endanger public safety standards in the hospitals," according to the group's statement.

More than 4,200 employees of Mercy Health Partners hospitals — including the Fairfield (OH) facility — are scheduled to vote Friday, March 14, to determine if they will be represented by the Service Employees International Union.

The vote involves nurses, technical workers, maintenance staff and clerical workers.

SEIU officials described the California-based nurses organization's allegations as false and outrages.

"It's the most blatantly outrages material I have ever seen in the labor movement," said Joyce Moscato, a spokeswoman for the SEIU. "We are just stunned by this."

Moscato said the NNOC/CNA is known for "interfering" with the SEIU and other unions in hopes of encouraging workers to join their group.

She said SEIU and hospital staff worked for three years to organize a "democratic'' election process that would allow workers to vote for the first time without the influence of Mercy or the SEIU.

"It's despicable," Moscato said. "We have worked so long to make the process neutral and fair and it's being destroyed."

The election comes about 10 years after Mercy Clermont employees voted against unionizing, and about two years after the SEIU filed a class action lawsuit against Catholic Healthcare Partners, of which Mercy is a part, claiming the company "shortchanged" employees.

NNOC/CNA has 80,000 members in all 50 states.

The organization claims the hospitals have a secret deal with the SEIU and "hand picked" the organization to represent its nurses and other employees.

"The labor movement should unify in protecting the sanctity of democratic unionism and stop the top down deals...," said NNOC/CNA Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro.

Jill Furillo, director of NNOC/CNA's Catholic hospital division, called the election "undemocratic."

Greg Ossman, a spokesman for Mercy Fairfield, declined to address the nurses' organization's allegations. But said the election will be overseen by the National Labor Relations Board.



Anonymous said...

This was not interference by an out of state union. NNOC Ohio and the ONA and others were opposed to this suspicious election. Ohio RN's were present and involved in the process of exposing this subversive deal to the employees of CHP Ohio. Most knew nothing about this until only last week.

Anonymous said...

The only Ohio RN present to help the California Nurses Association bust our union was not a hospital nurse, but a legal RN who works for a lawyer suing hospitals, Michelle Mahon. A great many CHP nurses, and many other workers too, have been working for years on this and remain active. Many RNs signed a letter to the CNA. I know them. I'm an SEIU organizer, and I was there.

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