Out-of-state union cash colors Ohio ballot

Political advertising on Cleveland TV will reach wall-to-wall levels in this weekend's closing rush to Tuesday's primary. The tide will crest on election eve, when a two-minute commercial for Barack Obama will air during newscasts across the dial. The unusually long spots were added in a final burst of activity that saw Obama outspending Hillary Rodham Clinton more than two-to-one in buying TV time in Cleveland.

The margin is more than three-to-one including ads in support of Obama from the Service Employees International Union and the United Food and Commercial Workers. The SEIU, which spent $279,175, and the UFCW, spending $144,575, combine for more than 500 commercial spots through Monday on Cleveland's five commercial stations.

The Obama campaign itself booked almost $775,000 in time on the stations over the past week, or more than a thousand spots. The Clinton campaign added about $320,000 in local TV time amounting to more than 530 spots.

Independent buys announced by 527 groups in support of Clinton failed to materialize. No Republican candidates booked local commercial time for Tuesday's GOP primary.


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