Union political front-group pays volunteers

Republican chairs of Jefferson, Oswego and St. Lawrence Counties today joined in denouncing Darrel Aubertines's latest campaign dirty trick of using cash from his New York City backers to pay hundreds of "volunteers" from downstate and outside the 48th Senate District.

Aubertine's campaign backers announced they would pay up to $100 to more than 100 campaign "volunteers" from downstate in an obvious effort to bolster his apparent support locally. Such a scheme is unheard of in local North Country politics and directly contradicts Aubertine's public pledge "never" use paid campaign workers.

"Darrel Aubertine's entire campaign has been built on the dubious claim that he is the candidate with more local support, but the revelation that his campaign has to hire 'volunteers' and pay them for their efforts puts the lie to that claim," said Jefferson County GOP chairwoman Sandy Corey.

"The use of paid 'volunteers' is highly unusual in any local political race and virtually unheard of in a North Country campaign, and is a slap in the face to the hundreds of hardworking and dedicated volunteers in both campaigns who have sacrificed time away from their families to participate in this and every local political campaign."

In a recent Newswatch50 interview, Aubertine stated emphatically, "I would never do that," when asked if his campaign would use paid workers.

"This latest flip-flop concerning the use of paid campaign 'volunteers' is convincing proof that Darrel can't be trusted to tell us the whole story or even the true story about his campaign, his position on the issues or how he would serve us as a State Senator," said St. Lawrence County Republican Chairwoman Janet Kelly.

The ads were placed in local papers and online by the Working Families Party, the radical, left-wing, Brooklyn-based political group that favors legalizing drugs, giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, higher income taxes and even allowing counties to charge an income tax, among other wrong-headed policies.

The ads, which were taken off-line following a reporter's query, seek "politically progressive people" to work in an unspecified campaign in "Syracuse, Oswego, Watertown." No experience is needed and the pay ranges up to $100 a day.

Calls to the number in the ad confirm that they were placed on behalf of the Aubertine campaign. An official said that the paid workers need not live in the 48th Senate District, or even be registered to vote in New York State.


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