Union member ashamed by UFCW politics

I am a 32-year member and union steward for 20 of those years with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. I have never been ashamed to say that I am affiliated with this union until now.

I decry my union's decision to abandon its middle-class, blue-collar membership and turn its back on Sen. Hillary Clinton to endorse Sen. Barack Obama. The UFCW membership is almost all from the middle class families she would fight for. Her plans of lowering taxes for the middle class, providing health care for every American, making college affordable for all, returning to fiscal responsibility, and last but not least, strengthening unions are all topics my union has fought for.

My union and its members prospered under the Bill Clinton administration and I am sure we would all once again under a Hillary Clinton administration.

As Clinton's communication director, Howard Wolfson puts it, ''The politics of hope is increasingly becoming the politics of hoping no one notices that Obama says one thing but does another.''

- Thomas Banotai, Allentown, PA


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