UAW strike v. Volvo enters week 4

As the strike in Dublin (VA) continues, now on its fourth week, people are beginning to wonder who’s taking their time the Union or the Company? Monday, a spokesman with Volvo said the company has been contacted by the Union and will go back to negotiations and is currently working on picking a date. However, UAW Local 2069 President Lester Hancock says the announcement comes after several attempts by UAW International to resume talks with the company.

Hancock says “We’ve been willing to go back to the table ever since we had the information since February the 18th. And we made that perfectly clear to the company, that we’re willing to negotiate, and we offered a window for their choosing of what date they wanted to go back and start talking. And they declined those dates.”

The information Hancock refers to is a stack of papers requested by the Union from Volvo last October. The paper work addresses workers compensation claims and health and safety information.

Hancock says the Union didn’t receive the paperwork until recently on Feb. 18th. That same day Hancock says Volvo was contacted to resume negotiations. Later, in a letter dated Feb. 22nd, the assistant director for UAW International writes, “This letter will serve as a second notification of the Union’s desire to negotiation.”

Hancock says the ball is now in Volvo’s court to get back to them. And after the company’s announcement Monday, it looks like things are moving in the right direction

“It shouldn’t be any “who goes first” or whatever, that’s kind of childish. It just should be you know, we should be adults about it, and start being serious about start getting back to the table, and getting 3,000 people back to work,” Hancock tells us.

UAW International was in Dublin Tuesday. Hancock says they hope to have a date picked by Wednesday afternoon in order to resume negotiations.


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