Teachers union strike sets poor example for kids

The teachers and their union should be ashamed of themselves! The offer by the school board prior to the strike was more than fair, and unfortunately the hotheads in the union prevailed. As role models and mentors for students, this was not the proper action to demonstrate to impressionable students. The teachers were saying “if you won’t give us what we want, then we will strike.” This teaches children that temper tantrums are an acceptable method of getting what you want.

Unions were formed to protect workers from being abused by greedy owners, but now serve little purpose except to threaten work stoppage until their demands are met. The majority of the citizens in Downingtown (and Chester County, PA) do not have benefits anywhere close to what the teachers have. Many are without any form of health care coverage, let alone 100 percent taxpayer paid!

I am hoping that the new salary rates and benefits for these teachers is published so that Joe Citizen can see what he is being taxed for! In most jobs, raises are earned by improved productivity and job knowledge. Just reporting for work and doing your job is not sufficient to warrant an annual raise. Have test scores increased? Are students learning and retaining more than they were a year ago?

Look what the teachers have done to the economy. In addition to teachers, the schools employ many others. The cleaning crew, food service personnel, office staff, bus drivers and others lost their wages for the duration of the strike. Was this fair to them? What about their lost wages? Will the union compensate them? If any one of us was dissatisfied with our jobs, and were turned down for a raise, the manager would say, “if you don’t like the pay, there’s the door.”

- Jonathan Nutt, Honey Brook, PA


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