Striking union's complaints shot down by NLRB

A national labor board has dismissed unfair labor practice charges filed by the union of the striking Redco Foods Inc. employees in Little Falls (NY). The United States National Labor Relations Board rejected a charge filed against the company by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 50 for allegedly violating labor practice laws during the negotiation process.

Redco Vice President of Marketing George Hunter said the NLRB expelled the charge on Jan. 31 in a press release. “Redco Foods vehemently denied the charges and cooperated fully with the NLRB during its thorough investigation,” wrote Hunter. Hunter explained the union had other charges against the company, but withdrew all other allegations on Jan. 30 except for the one charge.

“Therefore, the union in effect conceded that the company had bargained in good faith for a new labor agreement, and the NLRB completely agreed,” wrote Hunter.

In a separate charge against the company, the union alleged in a Jan. 23 letter to the United States Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff that Redco had violated a U.S. immigration law by bringing German nationals from its German parent company, Teekanne GmbH.

Hunter explained a Homeland Security investigator found no immigration laws were broken after visiting Redco Foods’ plant, interviewing several witnesses and reviewing company documents.

Members of BCTGM Local 50 have been on strike since the beginning of November and have been picketing outside the company facility in Little Falls and a warehouse in East Herkimer each weekday.

With about 80 employees, Redco manufactures and distributes various food and beverage items under the brands Salada, Red Rose and Junket. Each year Redco Foods sells over one billion tea bags in supermarkets nationwide under the brand names Red Rose and Salada.

Union membership had no additional comment prior to press time.


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