County officials entice AFSCME with cash

It sounds like a sweetheart of a deal for AFSCME Local 1095 members, an Erie County (NY) union without a contract. The basic premise would be a request to come to the bargaining table to negotiate a new contract, and in return get $250 to $500 per union member. The money would be fronted by Erie County with the goal of saving money with that new contract in the long run.

Erie County legislators are discussing few proposals. The first offer is $250 for each of the unions 1500 members. It would coat about $375,000. The second could double that cost, making $500 per member totaling $750,000.

Employees at ECC, the Erie County Public Library, and the Erie County Medical Center are all affected. The Erie County legislature could vote on a proposal at their next meeting. The control would then have to approve the measure.


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