Decert vote for labor-state meatpackers

Workers at the notoriously anti-union Dakota Premium meatpacking plant in South St. Paul (MN) will take a decertification vote Friday, Jan. 25. Their union, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 789, will hold a plant-gate action to distribute fliers the evening before the vote takes place.

Workers at Dakota Premium have been without a contract since July 1, 2007, and the company has failed to negotiate in good faith with Local 789. Instead, the union says, Dakota Premium has resorted to union-busting and stalling techniques – like next Friday's decertification vote.

What's more, Local 789 claims Dakota Premium convinced workers to sign a decertification petition under false pretenses. Many workers, the union says, were not told clearly that they were signing a document to get rid of their union representation.

For further details on the Jan. 24 plant gate action at Armour Ave. and Concord St., including the start time, call Local 789 at 651-451-6240.


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