Quantitative State-by-State Report Card Examines Key Worker Issues

The Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF), special project of Americans for Tax Reform, announced the release of the first ever quantitative metric that ranks each state on their degree of worker freedom. The 2007 Index of Worker Freedom: A National Report Card is scheduled to be released tomorrow, December 6.

The press conference held at The National Press Club (13th floor), 529 14th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20045, at 10:00am EST, and will feature; Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform; Bob Williams, President of Evergreen Freedom Foundation; David Denholm, President of the Public Service Research Foundation, and other special guests.

"We have tested the Index before in an abbreviated version through our website," says Johnson. "However, with the blatant political alignment between the Left and Big Labor unions and the most recent invasions on worker freedom, it has become apparent that certain states are placing more emphasis on respecting workers rights than those which support controlled and regulated labor markets."

By measuring 10 different variables, the 2007 Index is the first state-by-state comparative study that measures the level of worker freedom by analyzing actual policy as well as quantitative state data. "Using variables such as prevailing wage laws and right to work legislation, and analyzing quantifiable metrics like union density and entrepreneurial activity, this Index allows for any analyst on any level to get a 'snapshot' view of how a state ranks with regard to labor issues," adds Johnson.


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