Democrats criticize greedy labor unions

Kudos to Arthur Turner Jr. and Terry Speigner of the Democratic Central Committee, for daring to criticize the United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union in regard to the proposed Wegmans store in Landover (MD).

I realize most of the Democrats owe their political existence to the numerous labor unions which abound in this county and state. As taxpayers and consumers, however, we would all be much better off if only we had a lot more politicians looking our for our well being instead of [appeasing] the union thugs. For the sake of our economy, safety, educational system and just about everything else which touches our lives, I would encourage all politicians to follow the lead of Mr. Turner and Mr. Speigner, before it’s too late.

And, as far as that goes, all voters should remember there is the ‘‘other party” which would probably serve them better then the one which has been so entrenched in Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and Baltimore City for much too long. The same old, same old, same old, just isn’t cutting it. We are putting in more and more in taxes and getting less and less out of it, thanks in a large part to the greedy labor unions among us and the politicians drinking at their troughs.

- Gene M. Wentz, College Park


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