Strikers complain about settlement incentive

The PA state Department of Labor and Industry next month will hold a hearing on unfair labor practice charges filed by striking Seneca Valley teachers against the school district.

The union's chief negotiator, Pat Andrekovich, yesterday said that the Seneca Valley Education Association filed the charges last week, claiming the district threatened to reduce its latest offer as punishment for the strike. Christopher Manlove, spokesman for the state Department of Labor and Industry, said a hearing open to the public is set for 9:30 a.m. Dec. 3 at the State Office Building, Downtown.

In filing the charges, teachers said Mr. King sent written notice to them on Aug. 30 stating if a work stoppage occurred, the district would "regressively amend its 'Best Offer.'" The initial charges state that the district specifically said it would reduce its wage proposal by $43,019.45 for each strike day.

Following the hearing, the hearing examiner will issue a proposed decision. Each side then has 20 days to object and file an exception. If no exceptions are filed, the hearing examiner's recommendation is given to the three-member panel of the state Labor Relations Board, which then conducts a second hearing.

Both sides also have certain appeal rights.

Mr. Manlove said the process "can take some time to complete."

Another bargaining session has been set up for Monday morning by state mediator Bob Lavery.

The district's 575 teachers have been working without a contract since June 30, 2006, when their old contract expired. The district serves nearly 7,600 students.


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