SEIU racketeers go nuclear against Wackenhut

The Exelon Corp. should terminate Wackenhut from all nuclear security detail in Exelon’s 10 nuclear plants in Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to SEIU. The union sent out this message in a series of paid advertisements in newspapers in Illinois and Pennsylvania, near the Wackenhut-guarded sites.

In September, Exelon announced the ending of their contract with Wackenhut at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in York County, PA, after it was confirmed that officers were sleeping on the job. Now SEIU is encouraging communities surrounding the remaining Wackenhut-guarded sites to contact their congressional representatives and insist that Exelon take the same action in Illinois and Pennsylvania.

“We commend Exelon for doing the right thing to protect the safety of the communities and the workers around Peach Bottom,” said Valarie Long, head of SEIU’s Property Services division. “But we also strongly encourage Exelon to consider similar measures at the ten other nuclear sites where they contract.”

“Wackenhut overworks its guards, underpays them, skimps on—and sometimes fudges—training, fake drills, and then, when problems come to light, they fire scapegoats and claim to be shocked, shocked, by sleepy guards,” the ad says.

The ad also quotes Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, who has noted that: “The real issue is one of management and training and not individuals trying to make a decent living in an environment of fear.”

The largest company trading on the London exchange, security conglomerate G4S owns Wackenhut, which this past summer was the subject of a congressional oversight committee regarding Wackenhut’s record of poor contract performance. See eyeonwackenhut.org for more about Wackenhut Services, Inc. and the campaign to improve conditions for security guards.

SEIU, the fastest-growing union in North America, with 1.9 million members in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, is also the largest union of security officers in the nation. The union represents over 25,000 officers who work for private security companies.


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