Teachers' union furious at anti-strike group

The salaries of all teachers in the Cumberland Valley (PA) School District have been posted on the Internet by an anti-strike advocacy group trying to prevent the threatened teacher strike in the district.

StopTeacherStrikes posted the salaries of each teacher on its Web site, www.stopteacherstrikes.org, because it wanted to remind the teachers they are public servants accountable to the taxpayers, according to President Simon Campbell in a press release.

StopTeacherStrikes said it obtained the salary information through Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law. “It provides for public transparency, accountability and oversight,” Campbell said. “Despite the outrage from the union, we will continue to post teachers names and salaries in strike-threatened districts.”

Campbell said teacher strikes are illegal in 37 states. Similar bills to ban teacher strikes in Pennsylvania have been unsuccessful. Calls to Jay Foerster, spokesman for Cumberland Valley Education Association, were not returned by press deadline.


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