NJ GOP offended by D's picket line crossing

Atlantic County (NJ) Republican chairman Keith A. Davis today accused the county Democrat party leadership and its candidates of "remarkable insensitivity if not outright hypocrisy" in ignoring a labor union picket line established at a Linwood office complex in which the Democrat headquarters are located. Davis said that a carpenters union local has established a picket line at the Cornerstone Commerce Center office complex on New Road in a dispute over a project underway there.

"Assemblyman Jim Whelan and Assembly candidate Joe Wilkins are dues paying members of a labor union, yet have ignored the picket line and failed to speak up and convince their party's leadership to close down its office in recognition of the carpenters local dispute," Davis said. "While the Democrat party has attempted to portray itself as a friend of working people, it actions fail to match its words," he said. "The Republican party candidates have labor-friendly credentials superior to the Democrats."

Davis said that even though the picket line is restricted to one of the office complex three entrances, "the Democrats cannot argue with any credibility that, by using a different access, they are not technically crossing the picket line."

"They are aware the picket line is there and they are just as aware that it extends to the entire complex, not merely one entrance," he said. "The party chairman and candidates - but particularly Whelan and Wilkins - should be ashamed of their actions. Any talk from any of them about solidarity with working people is phony and deceitful."


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